Ships Survey
Periodic surveys and inspections of ship's are carried out to ensure the safety and seaworthiness of vessels. With maritime laws becoming more stringent with each passing year, sea-going vessels have to go through a series of inspections in order to meet minimum requirements to continue sailing. An additional survey can be carried out after a condition major failure in critical equipment has been detected which can endanger seaworthiness and safety of the vessel. Some examples are hull breach, propulsion or steering gear failure where vessel has to salvaged, after major steel renewal, systematic failure of safety measures leading to a major accident, or any condition under which a certificate issued by a classification society becomes invalid. Thus, after repair or remedial measure the classification society carries a through inspection/survey and thes reissues or re-endorses the certificate. For this matter, PT. Lumrah Sarana Niaga provides Independent profesional, expert ship's surveyor/inspector with international standard to conduct previous mentioned matters.
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